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' Durango Gunleather '

Western Belts, Texas Ranger Belts, Tapered Belts, Dress Belts, Exotic Leather Belts, Concealment Holsters, Off-duty holsters, Police gear. All Belts and Gunleather is 'Custom-made' in the USA using the best premium quality leather available. If you can not find your needs here, give us a call. We can fulfill your needs for 'Custom-Built' Concealment holsters, Police gear , gunleather, and Belts . Exotic Leather inlay using Alligator, Lizard, Snake Skins (Rattle Snake, Python,and Cobra), Elephant, Shark, and Sting Ray is also available. Check out our 18k Gold and Sterling Silver buckles for that 'Special' gift you have been looking for. For everyone who appreciates fine 'handmade' custom leather products.


We offer a large collection of 'custom hand-made' leather belts: Western Ranger Belts, Texas Ranger Belts, Tapered Belts, Braided Belts, Dress Belts, Trophy Buckle Belts, Western Cowboy Belts and Police Duty Belts. All of our belts are custom made to your specifications. You choose the style, color, the tooling design, and the buckle system. We offer buckles from the standard work/dress style to the ultimate in 18k gold and silver buckles from Douglas Magnus classic hand-made buckle sets. All of our Ranger belts are made with Herman Oak premium Saddle leather. It's the best leather available for plain or tooled belts. You can also choose from latigo leather, harness leather, bridle leather and Shrunken Bull hide. You may also choose from our selection of exotic leathers which include Alligator, Crocodile, Lizard, Elephant, Snake Skins, and Sting Ray. We do not maintain an inventory of belts in stock. Each belt is 'custom-made' when it is ordered. There is no assembly line process. Each belt is made one-at-a-time, the old fashion way to ensure the highest quality in our products. If you do not see what you want in our selection of belts, or would like to have a custom design not shown, just give us a call and tell us what you would like. That is the beauty of custom work, you design your own belt. Each belt is has a lifetime warranty. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you do now like you belt, (except for custom belts with names on them), just returned the unused belt with 15 days for a refund. (No one has ever sent one of our belts back for a refund!!)
We also build custom hand-made Western Gun leather , Concealment Holsters and Police gear. We take pride in building high quality gunleather and accessories for our first line responders - the 'Men in Blue'.
All of our products are 'hand-made' in the USA. There no inventory and NO imports. Every item is custom-made by Master Craftsman and Leather Artist Ken Hale. If you would like more information on our products or have any problems/suggestions about this web-site - please give us a call or send us an e-mail. Thanks



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